Founder's Award

The Founder's Award is bestowed once a year to TWO individuals (one youth, one adult). These individuals are recommended by lodge members. There are no specific requirements for being nominated to receive this award. The Lodge Recognition Chairman will select a committee of members at the Fall Conclave to select recipients based off the recommendations made. The award is then presented at the Winter Banquet

When recommending lodge members, please choose those who have a history of living the ideals of the Order of the Arrow in their everyday life, have been and are currently active in the lodge, and whom you reasonably expect to remain active with the Lodge, so as to serve as shining examples of cheerful service and dedication to Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.

Founder's Award - Fill out online nomination here

Michelle Dalton 2017
Hayden Golemon
Paul Oelkers 2016
Mark Smith
Matthew Nagle


Philip Hamm
James Howard


Nicholas Raupp
Craig Wallace 2013
Justin Lane
Matthew Garrison 2012
Catharine Lane
Michael Gray 2011
Robert Kauffman 2010
Leslie Daniels
Wilbur Williamson 2009
Daniel Knapp
Matt West 2008
Steve Cantrell
Alex Fishel 2007
John Lindahl
Tim Freed 2006
Luann Noll
David Rosenberg 2005
Dan Wilcoxen
David Lane 2004
W. David Voice
Will Etheridge 2003
William Dunn
Kris Villiger 2002
Ken Villiger
J.R. Glenn 2001
Len Mueller
Kirk Kittell 2000
Russ Murray
Thomas Jakowski 1999
Richard Daughty, Sr
Clint W. Sabin 1998
Melvin Lauterbach 1997
Anthony Marzano 1996
Michael Molohon
Michael Stobaugh 1995
Michael Bokenewicz 1994
Ron Redenius
Joseph E. Leibold 1993
James Wojda 1992
James Stuttle
Jamie Ellis 1991
Don Butcher
Henry Sinclair 1990


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