The Ordeal is not the end of the journey, but the beginning of a quest for Arrowmen to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose of the Order of the Arrow within Scouting. All members who have been an Ordeal member for at least 6 months are encourage to seal their membership by becoming a Brotherhood member. Please remember to indicate your Brotherhood candidacy on the Fellowship registration form (available at

How can I become a Brotherhood member?

The Brotherhood Ceremony is conducted at both the annual Spring and Fall Fellowship during Saturday evening. Brotherhood opportunities may also be offered during summer camp at Ingersoll Scout Reservation.

To become a Brotherhood member, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Six months of service to your unit as an Ordeal member.
  • Registered active membership in Scouting.
  • Registered active membership within Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge

Next, use a computer to visit interactive website will walk you through the preparation steps for becoming a Brotherhood member (Note, you will need to reference an OA Handbook to locate the access password) These steps include the following:

  • Memorize the Obligation, the Song of our Order, Sign of the Ordeal, the Handclasp, and the Admonition.
  • Write a short reflection letter to the Lodge Chief. In this letter, explain what you think the Obligation means, describe how cheerful service and Scouting principles have been a part of your daily life, and create a personal plan for your continued service to the lodge.

Brotherhood Ceremony Information

PLEASE NOTE: Arrival and departure times have changed for the 2020 Fall Induction Weekend. Details in this document.

The Brotherhood Hike and Ceremony will take place during Saturday evening. You may either submit your reflection letter with your registration, or bring it with you to Fellowship. At the completion of the Brotherhood ceremony, you will receive your Brotherhood sash, and later that evening, you will receive your red-bordered flap (awarded only to Brotherhood and Vigil members) and a Brotherhood certificate.