Earn the Summer Camp Participation Award

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Summer camp at Ingersoll Scout Reservation is like nothing else in the world, and the more you get involved the better! The Summer Camp Participation Award recognizes your unit’s active involvement in summer camp fun and your support of the Order of the Arrow. You must complete six requirements (below) and complete the form, which you can download here or it will be available at camp. Your unit will receive a ribbon and every member of your unit will receive a patch.

Download Form


To qualify for the Order of the Arrow Summer Camp Participation Award, a W.D. Boyce Council troop must meet ALL of the following requirements:

  1. The Senior Patrol Leader attends SPL Meetings
  2. At least one adult leader (the same adult) must stay with the troop for the entire camping week.
  3. At least 60% of Scouts 17 years of age and younger that are registered with the troop must be in camp for the entire camp session. Scouts in camp with the troop that are not registered with the troop do not count toward the 60% requirement.
  4. The unit has an Order of the Arrow Troop Representative (you must name the person)
  5. All Scouts in camp who have been inducted into the Order of the Arrow (meaning they have completed their Ordeal) have paid their current year membership dues. (Dues may be paid at the Camp Office)
  6. Participate in a troop service project while at camp.

An out-of-council troop may qualify for the award by doing the following:

  1. Meet the first three requirements listed above for W.D. Boyce Council troops
  2. Participate in a troop service project while at camp.