Calling All Arrowmen: Help Run the Council Fall Camporee

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Wenasa Quenhotan has volunteered to staff some of the stations at the W. D. Boyce Council’s Fall Camporee, October 14-16 at Ingersoll Scout Reservation. This is the first of several Council-wide events to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the W. D. Boyce Council and the theme is “When it all began…”  Youth members of the lodge have been asked to assist with the following stations:

TRACKING/TRAILING General Scenario: Your group has become separated while hiking. Your group doesn’t have the map, but needs to finish the hike to find the rest of the group. The group has left various markings along the trail so you know where you’re going. Set Up: A path will be laid out with various markers such as rock cairns, tree limbs, etc. Groups will need to walk the path, finding their way using the markers. Need Scouts at the start to explain what to do and get people started. Will need other Scouts to walk the trail and help the group, if needed. John Boerner is assisting with this station.

SIGNALING General Scenario: Groups will have to decipher what is being signaled and respond with their own flags. 2 Scouts will be needed to be the ones signaling “I see a bee”, or ICAB for simplicity. The other 2 Scouts will be with the group helping them decipher and responding “Me, too”, or ME2 for simplicity.

FISHING Assist Don Husted at the lake with fishing.

RIFLE RANGE Archery, BB Guns, Rifle, Shotgun Assist Range Masters with managing the groups.

Follow the link below to see the times when help is needed. Enter the requested information and you’re set! If you are attending with your unit you will already be there so why not give some cheerful service! If you just attend for the day on Saturday there is no cost to you.

Questions? Contact Jo Litwiller at (309) 310-9341 or