Lodge Service Award and Founder’s Award Announced at Winter Banquet

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The 2020 recipients of the Lodge Service Award and the Founder’s Award were announced at the Virtual Winter Banquet on January 9, 2020. 

The Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge Service Award is given once a year to one individual who has served on the Lodge Executive Committee and has been an outstanding member who goes above and beyond in their duties in the lodge. The honoree lives up to the ideals of the Order of the Arrow in their daily lives and is expected to remain active in the lodge.

The 2020 Lodge Service Award goes to Joey Twardowski.

The Founder’s Award is bestowed once a year to two individuals (one youth, one adult). There are no specific requirements for being nominated to receive this award, however, the individual is usually someone who has a history of living the ideals of the Order of the Arrow in their everyday life, has been and iscurrently active in the lodge, and who is reasonably expected to remain active with the Lodge, so as to serve as  a shining example of cheerful service and dedication to Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.

The 2020 Founder’s Award recipients are Conner Husted and Dougl Schwalm.

Congratulations to these brothers who set a high standard of brotherhood, cheerfulness and service to which we can all aspire! Since the awards could not be presented at a virtual event, they will be presented at the 2021 Spring Fellowship.