Registration Is Open for NOAC 2022!

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Registration is open for the 2022 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC), July 25-30, 2022 at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville!

What is NOAC? It’s the Order of the Arrow’s national conference, which is held every two years. The 2022 version, which will be held over six days at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville is expected to attract 6,000 — 8,000 Arrowmen from across the country. It includes leardership development, fellowship, athletics, competitions, patch trading, training and inspirational shows with like-minded brothers. This will be the first NOAC since 2018 (2020 NOAC was cancelled). 

Matt Lee will be the Wenasa Quenhotan NOAC Adult Contingent Leader. Contact him directly to learn more about this once-in-a-lifetime awesome OA event!

Cell: 815-875-7880


NOAC Flyer

Find more details here:

Q. When and where will NOAC be held?
A. NOAC will be held July 25 – July 30th, 2022 at The University
of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Q. Who can attend NOAC?
A. Any registered member of the Boy Scouts of America and the
Order of the Arrow as of the conference start date.
Attendance requires the review and approval of your council
Scout executive or their designee. All attendees are required
to provide BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (AHMR)
forms A&B. Adults also require up-to-date BSA Youth Protection certification.
Q. How much does NOAC cost to attend?
A. NOAC fees are based on attendee type (see previous page).
Conference fees cover housing, program, and food service
during the event. Staff and individual attendees are responsible
for coordinating their own transportation to UT. For
delegates, additional fees for transportation to and from the
conference as well as any contingent expenses are at the
discretion of your lodge contingent leadership.
Q. Should I register as a delegate or individual?
A. Youth attendees (under the age of 21) must register as a
delegate with their local lodge contingent unless they intend to
serve as a staff member. Adult attendees (at least 21 years old)
may choose to register as either a delegate or individual.
Delegates register and travel with their lodge contingent.
Q. How do I register?
A. Delegates will register directly with their lodge contingent
leadership. Contingent leaders and all other attendees will
register individually in NOAERS beginning in October, which
can be found at https://registration.oa
Q. Are there day passes available?
A. Day passes are not available for NOAC. Everyone attending
NOAC must be either a registered delegate, staff member, or
invited guest.
Q. What are the closest airports to the university?
A. McGhee Tyson Airport (TYS) is located in Knoxville and is
approximately 20 minutes from campus and is serviced by
American, United, Delta, and Allegiant airlines. Nashville
International Airport (BNA) is approximately 2.5 hours from
Q. Where will we be housed?
A. Contingents and staff will be housed and eat meals in
University residence halls located throughout campus. Linens
and towels will be provided.