Wanted: Membership Adviser

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If you are an adult lodge member with an interest in database management, you are detail oriented and want to have a significant impact on the day-to-day operation of Wenasa Quenhotan lodge, we have an opportunity for you!

The Lodge Membership Adviser position will become vacant soon. Jon Pritts has done a fantastic job over the last four or five years and under his leadership, given a great many more people access to OA Lodgemaster, the browser-based program we use to track and manage membership information. Jon is ready to turn the job over to an adult who is as enthusiastic and skilled with numbers and spread sheets and data management as he is. The adult adviser position touches on unit elections, inductions, communication, budgeting and more, and new program features are being introduced all the time. 

If Membership Adviser sounds like the perfect way for you to contribute to the lodge, contact Jon Pritts at membership@wq23.org. He can provide full details about his responsibilities and the rewards of his position.