Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. It calls for an individual with an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation.

The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members for service to lodge, council, and Scouting. Membership cannot be won by a person’s conscious endeavors.

The Vigil Honor is a high mark of distinction and recognition reserved for those Arrowmen who, by reason of exceptional service, personal effort, and unselfish interest, have made distinguished contributions beyond the immediate responsibilities of their position of office to one or more of the following:

  • Lodge
  • Order of the Arrow
  • Scouting community
  • Scout Camp

>>Not sure you know everything about someone’s service, which unit they are registered with or other details about their involvement in Scouting? Go ahead and submit a nomination anyway. Give as much detail as you can and describe your reasons for submitting the nomination. The selection committee will fill in the details.<<

Under NO circumstances should tenure in Scouting or the Order of the Arrow be considered as reason enough for a Vigil Honor recommendation.

Any member of the Order of the Arrow registered in Scouting and in good standing in a regularly chartered lodge is eligible for recommendation to the National Order of the Arrow Committee for elevation to the Vigil Honor provided that, at the time of the recommendation, the individual has been a Brotherhood member for a minimum of two years. A lodge may nominate a maximum of two percent of their registered Arrowmen once a year, through the Vigil Honor petition, found in the annual re-charter packet. At least 50 percent of all nominated must be under 21 at the time of nomination.



Last Name First Name English Translation Vigil Name  Year
Martis Collin Gunaquot Elangomat Nachpikin 2023
Maxwell Tina Wuhhala Gahowes 2023
Ragon Ben Achowalogen Amangiechsin Nimat 2023
Tharp Olivia Ochqueu Takachsin Netami 2023
Unger Jack Wingolauchsik Amangichsin 2023
Wright Aidan Klamachpin Allogagan 2023
Johnson Deborah Spirited Wind Wulantowagan Sukachsin 2022
Lee Matthew Shaper of Metal Gigshihan Sukachsin 2022
Litwiller JoAnn Lively Voice of Nature Achigiguwen Nachpikin 2022
Twardowski Thomas Compassionate Artist Najundam Gischeleman 2022
Zettler Nicholas Dedicated Healing Archer Kiken Leke Hattape 2022
Greene Jeffrey A. Zealous Advisor Skattek Witatschimolsin 2021
Mathews Joseph A.  Busy Musical Eagle Wischiki Ehahpikwes Woapalanne 2021
Nemec Jacob P. Happy Redheaded Brother Lauchsoheen Meechgalhukquotnimat 2021
Reynolds Anthony E. Smiling Brother Wulamallessin Nimat 2021
St. George Austin  Cheerful Camping Owl Wingolauchsik Mechmauwikenk Gokhos 2021
Thomas Ethan M. Hard Working Bridge Builder Achowalogen Tayaxkun Wikhetschik 2021
Twardowski Jr. Joseph M. Great Fisherman from the North Macheu Wendamen Lowaneu 2021
Brown Adam Calm Minded Fox Klamhattenamin Woakus 2020
Draeger Debbi Thoughtful One Who Lifts Up Pennauweleman Aspenummen 2020
Husted Conner Humble Leader who Instructs Gettemagelentakachsin Allohakasin 2020
Jones Owen Cordial Willing One Wdehiwi Nuwingi 2020
Kauppi Matthew Reliable One Who Does Good Work Nagatamen Wulalogewagan 2020
Krause Jens Determined One Who Cares Gischitehen Anatschiton 2020
Nagle John Diligent Wolf Lilchpin Wiechcheu 2020
Ohler Gary Cheerful Esteemed One Wingolauchsik Allowelendam 2020
Olson Gene Wise Busy One Lippoe Wischiki 2020
Trantham Tim Leader Who Keeps A Promise Takachsin Wulamoen 2020
Anderson Jarod Compassionate Guide Gettemageleman Kitchkinet 2019 
Hendriex Terry  Fast Talking Dreamer  Allappiechsin Wulonqoam  2019 
Hoadley Theresa  Spry Medicine Woman  Achewon Kikehuwet  2019 
Husted Donald  Calm-Minded Spirit  Klanhattenamin Metschitschank  2019 
Miller  Paul  Dependable Passionate Worker   Ngemewi Segachtek Mikemossit 2019 
Palinkas Joshua Red-Haired Noisy One Meechgalhukquot Achigiguwen 2019
Schwalm Douglas Enlightened Fox Gishachsummen Wulalowe 2019
Clay II George D Leader of Many Nelowauchsin Chweli 2018
Cook Timothy C Loud Passionate Brother Machiechsin Segactek Nimat 2018
Hendricks Johnathon A Hardworking Happy Servant Milkmossowagen Wulatenamenallogagen 2018
Howard Kolton J Patient Turtle Peuchtowagen Tulpe 2018
Mathews William A Skillful Wise Father Wowoatam Luppoe Wetochwink 2018
Mathews William T One Who Creates With Hands Majawat Gischihan 2018
Oelkers Phillip E Experienced Healing Father Wowoatam Kiken Wetochwink 2018
Pritts Nathan E Humble Spirit Tangelensuwi Metschitschank 2018
Sinclair James D Observant Wise Man Nechasin Wowoatammowino 2018
Dalton Michelle L Diligent Wise Teacher Lilchpin Lippoe Acgeketum 2017
Shaffer Aaron C Ardent Dancer Segachtek Gentgeen 2017
DeFrees Timothy A Humble Gardner Tachpachiwi Menhakehhamat 2017
Oelkers Paul R Creative Chief Gischeleman Wojauwe 2017
Cook Chance E Humble Runner Gettemagelensi Niganitawan 2017
Golemon Hayden R Spirited Runner Wischixin Niganitawan 2017
McKim Michael P Lively Brother with Vision Ngagiguwe Nimat Laschimuin 2017
Baker Jacob B Lively Cook in Boots Achigiguwen Wiechenin Wuskhaxen 2016
Bevill Dr. Robert S Wise Medicine Man Lippoe Meteu 2016
Brown Jacob A Guide Who Looks to the Heavens Kichkinet Pemapanik 2016
Campbell Ian M Energetic Helper Wischixin Witscheman 2016
Hoadley Eric P Quick-Witted Traveler Luppoewagan Misshakeuchet 2016
Kreitler Robert D Sleepy Loud One Gattung Machiechsin Mawat 2016
Martin Daniel M Devoted Brother Who Cooks Sagachtek Chans Sachgachtoon 2016
Matteson Luke D Dependable Brother from the North Ngemewi Nimat Lowaneu 2016
Rosenberg Michael R Organized Leader of Many Tschitanigachen Sachoaguntin 2016
Smith John-Paul A Happy Wise Brother Wulamallsin Lippoe Chans 2016
Taylor Bennett D Cheerful Outdoorsman Getteminak Kotschemunk Lenno 2016
Yepsen Richard L Caring Bearded Bear Wulatenamuwi Wuttoney Machque 2016
Baker John A Friendly Hardworking Bear Tgauchsin Achowalogen Machque 2015
Brown Joel E Cheerful Father of Many Wulatenamen Wetochwink Macheli 2015
Broyles Ian Maxwell One of Clever Vision Mawat Wilawi Wuschgink 2015
Engstrom Philip D Observant Spirited Brother Nechasin Segachtek Nimat 2015
Fishel Samuel F A Scout Who Enjoys Teaching Netopalis Apendamen Achgegingwagan 2015
Geraghty James A III Teacher Who Leads By Clear Waters Achgeketum Sachgagunummen Moschpek 2015
Koll Seth D Organized One Who Walks With Nature Tschitanigachen Pomsin Nachpikin 2015
Majewski Noah T Friendly Diligent Worker Langomuwinaxin Lilchpin Mikemossit 2015
Parac Matthew A Quiet Helper Klamachpin Witscheman 2015
Pritts Jon W Tall Guide of Younger Brothers Gunaxin Kichkinet Chesimus 2015
Coyle Casey M Leader of Spirit Kikeyjmagt Metschitschank 2014
Heinz Gary W One Who Teaches Hands Mawat Achgeketum Gischihan 2014
Howard James K Tip of the Spear Wiquiechink Notamaeishican 2014
Lindley Clayton D Focused Leader Majewelendam Kikeyjumagt 2014
Nagle Matthew R Devout Leader Wulistammoewagan Kikeyjumagt 2014
Phillips Margaret R Patient Teacher Tgauwitti Achgeketum 2014
Raupp Brian P Humble Caretaker Gettemagelensit Anatschiton 2014
Walker Vincent O Northern Runner Lowaneu Kschamehnellan 2014
Weck Jacob R Cheerful Woods Dweller Minschu Mehittuk Witachpin 2014
Gray Adam C Cheerful Dreamer of Good Things Getteminak Wulamquoan 2013
Gurdian Alexander J Quiet Humble Brother Clamachpin Gettemagelensi Nimat 2013
Lane Justin E Active Spirited Leader Wischixin Achwon Kikeyjumagt 2013
Miller Robert S Big Teddy Bear Amangi Amemens Machque 2013
Raupp Nicholas M Organized Brother Tschitanigachen Nimat 2013
Fishel Scott M Teacher of Leaders Achgeketum Kikeyjumagt 2013
Giusti Steven J One Who Quenches Fire Atenkpatton 2013
Hudson Roberta J Mountain Walker Wachtschu Pemsit 2013
Kimbrell Bruce A Laughing One Who Knows Hard Work Gilkissin Wunita Achuwalogen 2013
Watts James F Quiet Bearded One Klamachpin Tuney 2013
Erlenbush Pamela K Carver of Wood Gischkschummen Tachan 2012
Gray Daniel P Endurance Runner Ahowoapewi Kschamehhellan 2012
Hamm Philip A Hammed Poam 2012
Kimbrell Ryan A Straight Visioned Majawi Laquamwagon 2012
Lueschow Jessop T Diligent Willing Red Haired One Lilchpin Meechgalhukquot Majawat 2012
Rocke Jacob D Big Hearted Fisherman Amangi Wdehin Wendamen 2012
Seaman Zachariah N Animal Keeper Allum Nochnutemaliuwet 2012
Sinclair David J One Holding an Office Lileno 2012
Weck Alexander H Teacher of Traditions Achgeketum Lilenowagan 2012
Briggs Robert W Loyal Trainer Leke Achgeketum 2012
Allen Ian M Dependable Servant To All Ngemewi Allogagan Chweli 2011
Biresaw Aaron A Fisherman Of Still Waters Wendamen Klapeechen 2011
Fricke Brandon L One Who Answers The Call To Service Nachgoman Wentschintin Witahemui 2011
Garrison Matthew C One Who Confidently Speaks The Truth Nageuchsowagan Ktschillachton 2011
Gray Michael T He Who Leads With A Vision Takachsin Laquamwagon 2011
Greene Joshua A He Who Brings Together Friends Mawenemen Nittis 2011
Lees Christian W He Who Silently Seeks To Serve Tschitqui Nodoniken Allogagen 2011
Maughan Logan D One Who Kindled The Spirit Of Service Nachxummen Wulantowagan Witahemui 2011
Wallace Craig A Humble Vigilant Worker Tangitehewi Nechasin Achowalogen 2011
Adcock Therry G Inspiring Outdoorsman Gihim Kotschemucnk Lenno 2011
Coe David A One Who Humbly Gives Back Gettemagelensit Guttgennemen 2011
Dieken Kevin He Who Works With Great Speed Mickemassin Mechek Kschihillen 2011
Haas Clyde B Strong Hearted Fox Achewon Wdee Wulalowe 2011
Nelson Ralph T Doctor Who Builds Towards Tomorrow Meteu Wikheu Liwi Alappa 2011
Sterner Martin A Ardent Worker Segachtek Achowalogen 2011
Lohr Nathaniel Swimming Cricket Aschowin Zelozelos 2011
Avina Roberto Advocate for Many Wulaptonaelchukquonk Chweli 2010
Beck Alex One Who Pursues His Dreams Nawalan Lonquamwagan 2010
Brown Ben He Who Helps a Brother in Need Witscheman Nundehhellan 2010
Coleman Trudy Great Spirit’s Gift Getanittowit Miltowagan 2010
Conner Nathaniel Soft Speaking Medicine Man Wtakeu Alaaptonen Meteu 2010
Cosgrove Nicholas Good Natured Teacher Tgauchsin Achgeketum 2010
Humphrey Wesley He Who Inspires Laughter Gihim Gilkissin 2010
James David Humble Bearded Worker Tangitehewi Wuttoney Mikemossin 2010
Kauffman Robert He Who Holds True to His Vision Gelen’nin Leke Loquamwagon 2010
Lang Mickey Wise Father to All Wewoatam Wetochwink Chweli 2010
Maddox Andrew High Minded One Who Dances Machelensin Gentgeen 2010
Taylor Vern Quiet One Who Gives Back Klamachpin Guttgennemen 2010
Todd Herb He Who Quietly Bears the Burden Klamachpin Najundam 2010
Bangert Jonathan One Who Prepares For a Journey Nimawanachen 2009
Beck Frank Helper of Youth Wuskalenape Witscheman 2009
Bloompott Robert Voice of the Spirit Pehpemetunhet 2009
Fishel Andrew Dreamer of Good Things Wulamquoan 2009
Hamm Stephen Leader to Tomorrow Nemen Woapange 2009
Maddox William A R He Who Stands for the Truth Lenu Wulapeju 2009
Meyers Joshua L Lofty Climber Hokunk Hitai Akhusu 2009
Smith Ben Clifford Messenger Who Delivers Elogamgussit Nihillasohen 2009
Ziemniak Daniel Loud Speaking Little Man Amangiechsin Lenotit 2009
Brunk William Friendly Quiet Leader Tgauchsin Klamachpin Takachsin 2008
Drake Nolan One Who Creates With His Hands Gischihan 2008
Knapp Daniel One Who Shines Petasummawan 2008
Rodda Alan North Traveler Lowaneu Memsochet 2008
Schroeder Gerry One Who Advocates Our Cause Wulaptonaelchukuonk 2008
Sterner Brett Deep Water Dreamer Chuppecut Lungwamen 2008
Wright Matthew L Spiritual Singer Wtschitschanquiwi Nachgohuman 2008
Dhesse Michael Singing Duck Nachgohuman Quiquingus 2007
Stroh Matthew One Who Designs With the Mind Gischeleman 2007
Wilfinger Keith Warriors Proud Son Netopalis Machelensin Quis 2007
Zuercher Phillip Quiet Companion Leader Klamachpin Nitis Takachsin 2007
Biggs Jason Laughing One Who Knows Hard Work Gilkissin Wunita Achuwalogen 2006
Fishel Alex Keeper of the Spirit Nochnutemaliuwet Wulantowagan 2006
Fishel Cathy One Who Gives Life Lehellechemhaluwet 2006
Garman Zach Friendly One Who Growls Tgaukhsin Ganschewen 2006
Kirchgessner Ron One Who Cures Kikehuwet 2006
Smith James David He Who Speaks Truly Wulamoc 2006
Stensland Eric He Who Returns Apatschin 2006
Taylor Caleb Music Walker Achipiquon Pemsit 2006
West Matthew Guide of the Brotherhood Kichkinet Wimachtendink 2006
Behle Max Running Wolf Kschamehhellan Mtimmeu 2005
Brownfield Gregory B Challenging Teacher Of Leaders Nachgiechen Achgeketum Kikeyjumhet 2005
Freed Timothy Friendly Foundation Builder Nimat Epigachink Wikhetschik 2005
Ganze Dominic Passionate Rock Warrior Segachtek Pemapuchk Topalowilenno 2005
Hall Ellen Gentle Friend Wulamehelleu Elangomat 2005
Lear Robert G Strong Helpful Fireman Achewon Witscheman Atenkpatton 2005
Lowman Joshua Matthew Humble Keeper Of The Outdoors Metelensit Nutikit Tekene 2005
Moore Jimmy M He Who Honors His Forefathers Amentschinsin Scheychellat 2005
Perry Scott N He Who Ardently Outruns The Fire Segachtek Nichala Tindey 2005
Pottoff Scott D Diligent Worker Who Arrives Early Lilchpin Achowalogen Gachkappawi 2005
Sanders Steven D Leisurely Friend Who Spreads Cheer Ksinachpin Nitis Wulamallessohalid 2005
Smith Mark L Strong Hunting Eagle Achewon Mauwallauwin Woapalanne 2005
Bare Jeff Tall Willing Laborer Ganaxit Lilchpin Mikemossit 2004
Daniels Valorie J She Who Love Fireflies Ahoaltuwi Sasppis 2004
Fatka Kory Little Fire Builder Tatchen Tindeuchen 2004
Horst Gerald He Who Makes Others Happy Wulamallessohaluwed 2004
Morrow Samuel Quiet Teacher And Camper Tschitqui Achgeketum Mechmauwikenk 2004
Roger Daniel L Light Haired And Hearted One Waseleu Miechheken Ngutti 2004
Roger Danny M Joyful Eagle Wulelelendamuwi Wapalanne 2004
Sellers Bill Wise Snow Bear Lippoe Guhn Machque 2004
Beverage Darren Collector Of Rare Threads Mawachpo Ndauwat Pimenatan 2003
Buettner Ronald He Who Chooses To Labor Achgegenummen Achkindiken 2003
Dunn Randal One Who Seeks To Kindle The Fire Ndoniken Nachxummawan 2003
Ethridge William The Ink Of The Arrow Ehelekhetonk Alluns 2003
Lane Denny Wise Thunderbird Lippoe Pedhakquon Awehhelleu 2003
Lindahl Jason He Who Is Called Still Water Elewunsit Klampeechen 2003
Lindahl John One Who Humbly Carries A Load Tangelensin Wiwaschin 2003
Norin Jonathon One With Grass At His Feet Skiquall Seksitechink 2003
Riopell Steven Confident Camp Chief Majewelendam  Mechmauwikenk Sakima 2003
Stroud Philip He That Seeks To Be Most Worthy Elachtoniket Eluwi Elgixin 2003
Vollmer Steve Uncle Who Hunts Arrowheads Schiess Alluns Ehalowit 2003
Bond William F Jr Willing Worker Nuwingi Achowalogen 2002
Edmonds James D Amusing Buffalo Klakaptonaganall Sisilija 2002
Fatka James Father of Eagles Wetochwink Woapalanne 2002
Flagg Nick Peaceful One Langundowi 2002
Fricke Matthew Strong Quiet One Achewon Klamachpin 2002
Horst Luke Lively Singer Achgiguwen Nachgohuman 2002
Lander Roger E Quiet Listener Klamachpin Glistam 2002
Lane David One Who Tells Our Story Wulaptonaelchukquonk 2002
Noll Luann D One Who Loves the Outdoors Ahoaltuwi Kotschemunk 2002
Rosenberg David Swift Messenger Kschihillen Elogamgussit 2002
Alesandrini Dominic M One Who Gives Back Guttgennemen 2001
Cantrell Stephen P Active Adviser Wischixin Witatschimoisin 2001
Flagg Charles L Shaper Of Clay And Minds Gischihan Assisku Klamhattenamin 2001
Goetz Keith A Happy Teacher Lauchsoheen Achgeketum 2001
Hadden Nicholaus L Young Wolf Chesimus Wiechcheu 2001
Hartshorn Zachary Black-Bearded Camper Sukeu Tuney Mechmauwikenk 2001
Long Paul R Lean Otter Wachganessu Guammochk 2001
Martin Jon Son of Good Natured One Quis Tgauchsin 2001
Netzke Kristopher N Gentle One Wulamehelleu 2001
Villiger Kyle J Tall Active One Gunaquot Wischixin 2001
Wilcoxen Dan Woodworker’s Teacher Giskhaquen Achgeketum 2001
Wilkinson Paul Loyal Leader Leke Takachsin 2001
Daniels Leslie A Generous One Who Cooks Wilawilihan Sachgachtoon 2000
Hattermann Troy A Trusted Messenger Nagatamen Elogamgussit 2000
Howell Mathew E He Who Speaks Our Cause Wulaptonaelchukquonk 2000
Kietzman Matthew Friendly Otter Tgauchsin Gunnammochk 2000
Lonn Alan H Tall Traveler Gunaquot Nipahwochen 2000
Riopell Michael R Skillful Woodpecker Wowoatam Papaches 2000
Scott Richard J Skillful Searcher Wowoatam Lattoniken 2000
Wilson Christopher M Determined Strong Fireman Gischitehen Achewon Atenkpatton 2000
Estrada Alex Sensitive Warrior Amandamuwi Netopalis 1999
Estrada Jesse L Quiet Hard Worker Klamachpin Achowalogen 1999
Fatka Eric Willful Capable One Ahoweli Tschitanissowagen 1999
Fierce Edward D Babbling Cook Wewingtonheet Sachgachtoon 1999
Glenn James R Tall Assistant Chief Gunaquot Witawematpanni Sakima 1999
Hadden Catherine A Smiling Giving Dancer Gilkissin Wilawilihan Gentgeen 1999
Kittell Kirk W Swift Running Chief Kschihillen Kschamehhellan Sakima 1999
McCamy Rich “Butch” Walking Hawk Nechochwen Meechgalanne 1999
Villiger Kristropher J Tall Reliable One Gunaquot Nagatamen 1999
Vonderhaar Alan T Helpful Friend Witscheman Elangomat 1999
Young Mark A Willing Hand Nuwingi Witschindin 1999
Davis Eric A Able Thin Flying Squirrel Wunita Waskeu Blaknik 1998
Guede Emiel F Jr Good Natured Creator of Buildings Tgauchsin Gischihan Wikhetschik 1998
Hempstead Ray Good Natured Quiet One Tgauchsin Klamachpin 1998
Howell Donna Quiet Load Carrier Klamachpin Najundam 1998
Jatkowski Robert Humble Builder Gettemagelensit Wekhitschik 1998
McCamy Waylon Dancing Buffalo Walking Gentgeen Sisilija Pemsit 1998
Murray Ronald Gentle Bear Dancer Wulamalless Machque Gentgeen 1998
Noble Michael M Cheerful Teacher Lauchsoheen Achgeketum 1998
Turner Robert II One Who Sings and Dances Nachgohuman Gentgeen 1998
Ackerman Tim Able Active One Wunita Wischixin 1997
Emerson Robert Hard Worker Who Creates With Hands Achowalogen Gischihan 1997
Fatka Phillip Camper Instructor Mechmauwikenk Allohakasin 1997
Jatkowski Thomas Strong Swimmer Achewon Aschowin 1997
Martin Michael L Good Natured One Tgauschin 1997
Marzano Edward Excited Younger Brother Glakelendam Chisimus 1997
Murray Russell Encouraging Drumbeater Gihim Pohanasin 1997
Raydon Michael Enlightening Writer Gischachsummen Lekhiket 1997
Schoenherr Tyler Cheerful Gray Fox Wulamallessin Woakus 1997
Weber Brandon Steady Speaker Clamhattenmoagan Lachpiechsin 1997
Ackerman Donald C Experienced Giver of First Aid Lippoe Achibis 1996
Brewer Dwayne E Sr Quiet Trader Klamachpin Memhallmund 1996
Eaves Christopher Persevering Leader Tschitanitehen Takachsin 1996
Estrada Joey Trusted Load Carrier Nagatamen Najundam 1996
Hilliard Mark A Jr Silent Deer Hunter Tschitgussin Atschu Elauwit 1996
Kelly Brian Reverent One Achewon 1996
Kietzman Andrew He Who Assists Campers Witschindin Mechmauwikenk 1996
Maus Gregory C Bearded Planner Tuney Wulowachtauwoapin 1996
McConnell Ryan Redheaded Drum Beater Meechgalhuquot Pohonasin 1996
Peterson Tom Eagle Dancer Woapalanne Gentgeen 1996
Pope Stanley B Diligent Friend Lilchpin Elangomat 1996
Williamson Wilbur H Honorable Collector Wulapeju Mawachpo 1996
Ackerman John Good Natured Treasurer Tgauchsin Mawachpo 1995
Balagna Larry W Red Bearded Woodcutter Machkeu Tuney Giskhaquen 1995
Hedlin George IV Friendly Guide Tgauchsin Kichkinet 1995
Keeran Edward E Wood Cutting Counselor Manachewagan Atschimolsin 1995
Keeran Robert E Torch Carrier Overseer Nendawen Genachgihat 1995
Lehmann Steven Camp Chief Mechmauwikenk Sakima 1995
Maguire Roy L He Who Makes Arrows Gischihan Alluns 1995
Maus Ryan Nicholas Quiet Helper Klamachpin Witschindin 1995
Mueller Len Accomplished Gardener Pakantschiechen Menhakehhamat 1995
Sabin Clint W Earnest Honorable Leader Kittelendamwagan Wulapeju Takachsin 1995
Schindler Alan L One Who Encourages Younger Brothers Gihim Chesimus 1995
Villiger Kenneth J Big Hearted Farmer Amangi Wdee Hakihet 1995
Dace Jeffery R Eager Friendly Eagle Kittlelendamwagan Tgauchsin 1994
Gartland John J Honorable Reliable Warrior Wulapeju Nagatamen Metopalis 1994
Hedlin George R III Friendly Leader Of Boys (awarded posthumously) TgauchsinTackachsin Skahenso 1994
Lakin David E Maker Of Chief’s Clothing Gischihan Sakima Ehachquink 1994
Marzano Anthony Able Confident Leader 1994
Parsano Brian W Reliable Humble Opossum Nagatamen Gettemagelensit Woapink 1994
Sullivan Brian Quiet Hard Working Friend Klamachpin Achowalogen Elangomat 1994
Villiger Karl J Helpful Tall Companion Witscheman Gunaquot Nitis 1994
Walsh Kevin Hard Working Bearded Hunter Achowalogen Tuney Elauwit 1994
Bokenewicz Michael Quiet Uplifting Leader Klamachpin Aspenummen Takachsin 1993
Broughton Gary Load Carrying Fireman Najundam Atenkpatton 1993
Broughton Greg He Who Leads By Working Takachsin Achowalogen 1993
Hartman Justin Ardent Singing Owl Segachtek Nachgohuman Gokhos 1993
Hilliard Mark Sr Diligent Medicine Man Assistant Lilchpin Meteu Witawematpanni 1993
Beyer Ross Strong Capable Leader Achewon Tschitanissowagan Takachsin 1992
Bolton Raymond Friendly Quiet Hard Worker Tgauchsin Klamachpin Achowalogen 1992
Breckenridge Jamie Big Amusing Drum Beater Amangi Klakaptonaganall Pohonasin 1992
Horn Herbert Jr Active Camping Buffalo Wischixin Mechmauwikenk Sisilija 1992
Horn Jason Quiet Strong Swimmer Klamachpin Achewon Aschowin 1992
Sandman Harold Glen Determined Fire Maker Gischitihen Tindeuchen 1992
Butcher Jerry A Amusing Servant of the Lord Klakaptonaganall Allogagan Nehellatank 1991
Davis Jeff Swift Quiet One Kschihillen Klamachpin 1991
Davis John A Giddy One Gagiwanantpehellan 1991
Davis Tim He Who Endures Pain Mamchachwelendam 1991
Green John D Caring Bearded Hiker Anatschiton Tuney Achpamsin 1991
Lauterbach Melvin He Who Serves Carpenters Allogagan Gendatehundin 1991
Snyder Paul Loud Speaking Torch Carrier Amangiechsin Nendawen 1991
Davis Don L Jr Active Broad Badger Wischixin Achgameu Gawi 1990
Davis Gary A Quick Tall Reliable One Allapijeyjuwagan Gunaquot Nagatamen 1990
Davis Kim A Torch Carrier Adviser Nendawen Witatschimoisin 1990
Eertmoed Ron Turtle Dancer Tulpe Gentgeen 1990
Ellis Jamie Good Natured Writer Tgauchsin Lekhhiket 1990
Ringel Richard A Quiet Hard Worker Klamachpin Achowalogen 1990
Rogalla Paul North Rock Camper Lowaneu Achsin Mechmauwikenk 1990
Shanks Robert G Steady Warrior Clamhattenmoagen Netopalis 1990
Wojda James Willing Reliable Chief Nuwingi Nagatamen Sakima 1990
Bjerke Robert A Fire Breathing Excitable Wasp Tindeuchen Glakelendam Amoe 1989
Bruch Daniel R Hard Working Writer Achowalogen Lekhiket 1989
Gryp Kevin Forgetful Clown Wunnessin Gebstchaat 1989
Hickle William Quiet Hard Worker Klamachpin Achowalogen 1989
Redenius Ronald Active Bearded Camper Wischixin Tuney Mechmauwikenk 1989
Sapp Billie B Load Bearing Bull Achgiguwen Chuppecat Memsochet 1989
Stanley Gary N Wokanda Overseer 1989
Stanley Jason Walking Bear 1989
Wahl Chad Noisy Torch Carrier Tschitgussin 1989
Young Chad Witty Younger Brother Genachgihat 1989
Brown Tim Reliable Owl 1988
Daughty Richard H Sr He Who Has Endurance Ahowoapewi 1988
Deiter Robert Silent Dancer Tschitgussin Gentgeen 1988
Fulton Larry Teacher Of Child Campers Achgeketum Amemens Mechauwikenk 1988
Goodale Mike Little Warrior Tatchen Netopalis 1988
Parsons Darrell Farsighted Bullfrog Klamachpin Gunammochk 1988
Parsons Joseph Jay Quick Otter 1988
Smith Russell L He Who Makes Leaders 1988
Snyder Jason Large Hungry One 1988
Snyder Jay Morton Quick Thinker 1988
Butcher Donald J Humble Active Wise One Gettemagelensit Wischixin Lippoe 1987
Kaiser Donald C One Who Instructs with Authority 1987
Metzler Scott Noisy Clown 1987
Roudebush Gary Singing Bear Nachgohuman Machque 1987
Sapp Paul B Loud Deep Water Traveler 1987
Stone Bill Jr Tall Funny Talking Story Gunaauot Wewingtonheet Achsinnigeu 1987
Babcock Ty Strong Willing Worker 1986
Emig Edward L Two Cap Worker Nischa Allquapi Achowalogen 1986
Holloway Curtis Runner For The Brotherhood Kschamehhellan Wimachtendienk 1986
Kernan J Michael Red Headed Teacher Meechqalhukquct Achgeketum 1986
Schumacher William Tall First Aider 1986
Stutzman Brian Big Silent Servant Amangi Tschitggussin Allogagan 1986
Tucker Todd One Who Serves With Determination 1986
Young Richard Gray Haired Assistant Advisor 1986
Young Scott Calm Minded Leader 1986
Butcher Don Thoughtful Trader 1985
Johnson William Good Natured Twin Worker 1985
Norman Dave Long Lazy Weasel 1985
Rothschild Ruben Red Topped Bald Headed One Meechgalhukquot Moschakantpeu 1985
Sampson Tom Loud Shuffling Shark 1985
Shadid Tim Earnest Overseer Kittelendamwagan Genachgihat 1985
Shenaut Donald F One Redheaded Joyful Talker 1985
Starling Jim He Who Is Ready To Test Gischhatten Alachimuin 1985
Stobaugh Mike Active Bearded Camper Wischixin Tuney Mechmauwikenk 1985
Voice William D Dove Singer Amimi Nachgohuman 1985
Waller Randall Happy Frog 1985
Hammer Robert One Who Endures Pain 1984
Johnson Paul One Who Cares For Bears (One Who Care For Bear) 1984
Kelch William Son Of Cook 1984
Mitchell Allan Mighty Collector 1984
Sorensen Matthew Good Natured Older Brother 1984
Upper Brian S One Who Protests 1984
Warren Wally Happy One 1984
Warren Walter Foremost Eater 1984
Broquard Dave Loyal Traveler 1983
Feucht Joel D Tall Deep Talker 1983
Glassmeyer Don Reliable Big Worker 1983
Harris Glenn Rock Of North Spirit Achsin Lowaneu Wulanyuwagan 1983
Lasik Steve He Who Makes Camping 1983
Miller Tom Modest Otter Tachpachiwi Gunammochk 1983
Molohon Michael Along The Bank Worker 1983
Pickerill Brian Capable Warrior 1983
Pickerill Dave One Who Waits 1983
Sorensen Chad Bright Younger Brother 1983
Stoner Burton Strong Camping Spirit 1983
Adams Rex He Who Is Prepared 1982
Blasek John One Who Exerts Himself Wischixin 1982
Dillefeld Mark Carver Of Wood 1982
Green Marty Cautious Book Reader 1982
Jeffers Scott J Fast Talker Alappiechsin 1982
Kunz James F One Who Is Ready 1982
Mancuso Anthony He Who Remembers 1982
Sipes Vern Eagle Maker 1982
Spellman Edward L One Who Has Humility 1982
Steenrod Richard Camper Authority 1982
Whitlock Richard M Agreeable One 1982
Dial Mark A Excitable Boy 1981
Fink James He Who Returns Apatschin 1981
Franch Kenneth Knowledgeable One 1981
Hall Greg Buzzard Cooker 1981
Hebner Theodore J Instructor Allohakasin 1981
Johnson H Laurence Powerful Noise Maker Allohak Achgiguwen 1981
Knake William E Good Natured One Tgauschin 1981
Krug Michael E Seventh Hat 1981
Wake Joedy Spirit Keeper 1981
Dennis Jack W Fast Talker Alappiechsin 1979
Morgan Arthur One Who Gives Service Allogagan 1979
Briel Jon W Big Thumper Amangi Pohonasin 1978
Dennis Clyde R Sleepy One Gachtonkquoam 1978
Fox John Babbler Wewingtonheet 1978
Hebner Greg Bronze Water Watcher Machkachsin Mbi Nochnatemaliuwet 1978
Hebner James M Broken Pine Tree Poquiechen Cuwe 1978
Kelch Allen J Grave Box Sleeper Poklakenikan Wiquey Gewit 1978
Raney Lynn G One Who Advocates Our Course Wulaptonaelchukquouk 1978
Sinclair Henry B Poison Parsnip Putschisktey Pepachgank 1978
Beals Leonard W Sr Weasel Sanquen 1977
Berkel Steve Turtle 1977
Gurtler Gary Skillful Cook 1977
Gustafson David First One 1977
Jones David A Runner 1977
Jones David G Balding Eagle 1977
Lankton Steve Active One Wischixin 1977
Leibold Joseph P Bullfrog Oleleu 1977
McCutchen Robert R Engineer 1977
Owens Harry C Bearded One 1977
Adams Mark Business Manager Natshitaquick 1976
Deffenbaugh Paul R Tall Turtle Gunaquot 1976
Deibert Robert D Helpful One Witscheman 1976
Dekowski William A Servant Of The Lord Allogagan Nehellatank 1976
Eplin Denny One Who Sings Nachgohuman 1976
Gessel Raymond C Quiet Toiler Klamachpin Aclowalogen 1976
Houlihan William J He Who Has Endurance Ahowoapewi 1976
Kuykendall Scott Long One Amuga 1976
Looney James J One Who Does Good Work Wulalogewagan 1976
Nieslawski Steve High Minded One Machelensin 1976
Roper Willard White Oak Wipunquoak 1976
Smith Raymond T Big Little Man Amangi Lennotit 1976
Tennis Richard L Smiler Wulamallessin 1976
Brown Mike Writer 1975
Coleman Michael P Fisherman Wendamen 1975
Cridlebaugh Dick Big Little Man 1975
Fine Bill Lodge Secretary 1975
Gardner William J Loyal One Leke 1975
Lane Michael Stumbler Sakquelendamen Pemsit 1975
Leibold Joseph E He Who Is Concerned Lachauweleman 1975
McCrosky Charles One Who Instructs 1975
Overturf Daniel Hiker 1975
Pugh John Red Headed One Meechgalhukquot 1975
Rohman Keith Quiet One 1975
Sampo Jerry E Strong One 1975
Buck Ken Steady As A Rock 1974
DuChesne Mel Companion 1974
Hafley Raymond Jr Hard Worker 1974
Hoenes John He Who Is Concerned 1974
McKean James Big Bird 1974
Pfister Leo One In Authority 1974
Puckett Robert Overseer 1974
Pusch Andrew A He Who Has Endurance Ahowoapewi 1974
Rhode James Fast Talker Alappiechsin 1974
Stuttle James Torch Carrier 1974
Buck Ernest One Who Comes Back 1973
Campbell Charles Builder Wikhetschik 1973
Duncanson Alan S Destitate Of Hair Scalper 1973
Fuller Marvin Traveler Memsochet 1973
Fuller Wendall O Trader Memhallmund 1973
Hafley Raymond Sr Active One Wischixin 1973
Hafley Richard One Who Does Good Work Wulalogewagan 1973
Harrison Joe Active One Wischixin 1973
Lankton James Builder 1973
Michlavic Jay Head Chief 1973
Rhodes Steve One Who Has Authority 1973
Sprick Doug One Who Does Good Work Wulalogewagan 1973
Weishaar Norbert L Determined One 1973
Behnke John A One Who Creates With Hands Gischihan 1972
Bryant Robert B Gardner 1972
Cook Rick Witty One 1972
Dawson George K A Flame 1972
Day William G One Who Is Respectable 1972
Duncanson Thomas A Chief 1972
Dyer William F One Who Enjoys Apendamen 1972
Feugen Hugo Little Canoe 1972
Gross Gary Experienced One 1972
Looney Charles B Large Fish Amangamek 1972
Mellott Alvin H Earnest One 1972
Minard William The Black Jumper The Field Cricket 1972
Orr Larry Rock Achsin 1972
Ross William S Redheaded One Meechgalhukquot 1972
Rowland Paul One Who Gets Attention Papenauwelendam 1972
Sipes Willis E Black Medicine Coffee 1972
Stenzel Carl R One Who Is Able 1972
Vallosio Jeffrey One Who Is Able To Accomplish Ohika 1972
Crank Dale Third 1971
Dyer John Bear Machque 1971
Griffith Glenn E Toiler 1971
Jury Michael Veterinarian 1971
Krones Thomas E Cook Sachgahtoon 1971
Lay Melvin Tall One Gunaquot 1971
Maxwell Eugene L One Who Strengthens Tschitanissohen 1971
Nolan Gary N Fast Talker Alappiechsin 1971
Palia Charles Teacher 1971
Stith Wayne Helpful One Witscheman 1971
Turbett Thomas Runner Fast Runner 1971
Crank Keith Modest One 1970
Cusick Tom Tall One 1970
Deffenbaugh John II Reliable One Nagatamen 1970
Fuller Owen W He Who Has Endurance Ahowoapewi 1970
Gerard Kenneth Happy 1970
Larsen Karl Perplexed One Ksukquamalisin 1970
Phillips George Chosen Leader 1970
Satchwell Larry Mountain Wachtschu 1970
Sellman A Wayne Peaceful One Langundowi 1970
Sipes Steve Gentle One Wulamehelleu 1970
Stenger Steve He Who Serves Allogagan 1970
Vehlo Paul Competent Dancer 1970
Bishop Garry One Who Persuades 1969
Caughey Michael J He Who Has Good Spirits 1969
Conver Michael Teacher 1969
Daane E Richard Valued Assistant 1969
Donahue Mike Helpful One 1969
Dunn William Active One Wischixin 1969
Goffrier Ted The Steady One 1969
Gross Donald Active One Wischixin 1969
Klieber Richard Sr One Who Cares 1969
Lucas James Fast Runner 1969
Moore Randy Friendly One 1969
Mylott Randy Lee Mighty Dancer Allouchsit Gentgeen 1969
Scott Wayne He Who Does Good For Others 1969
Swanson Jerry Gentle Chief 1969
Appel Harold Valuable Helper 1968
Barnes Harold A One Who Writes Well 1968
Boyer Gary A Determined Helper 1968
Caughey William O He Who Is Concerned 1968
Crawmer Dan Trustworthy One 1968
Downes Stanley C Confident Chief 1968
Farnsworth John He Who Serves Allogagan 1968
Fitzgerald William F Faithful Servant 1968
Maxwell David L Quiet One 1968
McKloskey Michael One Who Is Recommended 1968
Minard R Dale Trusted Leader 1968
Palia David Reliable One Nagatamen 1968
Sweet Henry A Sr He Who Serves 1968
Turner Robert Bee Amoe 1968
Andrews Steve W Cautious Leader 1967
Crank John Silent Warrior 1967
Downes Ted Esteemed Counselor 1967
Kaler Keith A Helpful One 1967
Novy David Determined Worker 1967
Seabert Delbert One Who Cares Anatschiton 1967
Tipsord Martin K Worker Mikemossit 1967
Bobell Terry E He Who Has Endurance Ahowoapewi 1966
Caughey Patrick One Who Encourages 1966
Eertmoed Thomas Reliable One Nagatamen 1966
Miller William L Sr One Who Exerts Himself 1966
Mylott Steven M He Who Has Proven True 1966
Pohlman James A One Who Is Certain Awelendam 1966
Rowe William One Who Enlightens 1966
Whitehead John H Good Natured One Tgauschin 1966
Wilson Graham Son Quis 1966
Wilson Ralph G Jr One Who Does Good Work Wulalogewagan 1966
Wilson Ralph Sr He Who Does Good For Others 1966
Hasselberg Michael R One Who Creates With Mind 1965
Kuntz David One Of Calm Mind Klamhattenamin 1965
Tay William The South Wind 1965
Wilson Douglas A He Who Is True Wolamowaganit 1965
Brower Charles One Who Does Much Good 1964
Cameron Robert Sr Skillful One 1964
Davis Norman Lover Of Nature 1964
Fields Joe Elder Brother Chans 1964
Lichtenberger Dean A One Who Is Large Of Heart 1964
Mylott Bob One Who Is Conscientious 1964
Olson Keith Trusted Counselor 1964
Rose William D Drum Beater Pohonasin 1964
Stoughton Vic Skillful Leader 1964
Zalucha Dennis Fire Maker Tindeuchen 1964
Barr William One Who Encourages 1963
Beyer James Diligent One 1963
Erbes John Big Mountain Amangi Wachtschu 1963
Johnson Charles T Helper Witschindin 1963
Kilgus Ira David He Who Gives First Aid Achieis 1963
Middendorf Robert L Big Rock Ganschapuchk 1963
Mueller Jerry Understanding One 1963
Mylott Deloss E Dancer Chief 1963
Purdy John M One Who Creates With Hands 1963
Turner James H Jr Dancer Gentgeen 1963
Wright Jerold E Loyal One Leke 1963
Anderson Gerald Humble One 1962
Brackney Charles The Swimmer Aschowin 1962
Donovan James Eagle Hunter Opalanie Elait 1962
Gornet Henry P One Who Can Be Trusted 1962
Henrichsmeyer Omer Hard Worker Achowalogen 1962
Johnston John L Jr Cautious One Anatschihuwewagan 1962
Magee John Jocular One Achgiguwen 1962
Meyer Richard L Strong One 1962
Rutherford Allan Happy One Wulamallessin 1962
Blum Carl L The Worker 1961
Cruse Gene Strength 1961
Davis Tom Ceremonial Chief 1961
Dooley James A Man Of Dedication 1961
Miller Dick Faithful Worker 1961
Murray M Merle Counselor Atschimolsin 1961
Ragger Larry First Among Men 1961
Simmons Bob He Who Seeks To Understand Nature 1961
Vincent Richard Good Work (One Who Does Good Work) Wulalgewagan 1961
Bock Douglas Little Medicine Man 1960
Davis Walter Clark Protector Of The Forest 1960
Wagner Edward Fire Builder 1960
Barr Daniel Standing Elk 1959
Farley Wally Swift Star 1959
Fisher Mike Man Of Faith 1959
Kuhns James F Silent Worker 1959
Carlson James L Smiling Spirit Getteminak Metschitschank 1959
Fisher John F Teacher 1958
Miller Joe The Diligent Lilchpin 1958
Rediger Emile The Builder Wikhetschik 1958
Saettler Herman Worker 1958
Wesley Richard 1958
Ciota Armond A Leader 1957
Newcomb Richard L Sr Arrow Chief 1957
Planck Russ Woodsman 1957
Smith Edward War Bonnet 1957
Foley Louis Echo Maker Businausee 1956
Foote Claude Leader 1956
Jennings Eugene One Who Helps 1956
Kinert Donald L Lively Achgiguwen 1956
Montgomery Dale Little Big Man 1956
Unks Gerold Medicine Man 1956
Bosworth Richard Strong Spirituous 1955
Collins Frank Trader 1955
Detmar Robert Peaceful One Langundowi 1955
Fink Robert The Paddler 1955
Gigax John Little Chief 1955
Martens Vernon Frontiersman 1955
Wesley Ed Steadiness Clamhattenmoagan 1955
Mattoon Charles V West Wind Linvhen 1954
Rediger Louis South Wind 1954
Houchin George D East Wind Achpateuny 1954
Dierstein Arthur L One Who Helps 1953
Jerding Bernard P Doer of Great Deeds 1952
Carruthers George S The Worthy One Elgixin 1951
Chambers Robert Fixed Of Purpose 1951
Roderick Clifford O Modest One Tachpachiwi 1951

oa-centennial-totemFor nearly 100 years, the Order of the Arrow has purposefully recognized Scouts and Scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives. Therefore, our organization’s centennial provides a unique opportunity to commemorate those among us who are exemplars of the “high ideals and purpose of the Order of the Arrow.” The Centurion Award aims to highlight “Hometown Heroes,” or Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing, and ongoing operational excellence of their local council’s lodge, and who, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps.

This award is a one-time recognition associated with the centennial anniversary of the OA that is bestowed by the national Order of the Arrow committee. It is modeled after a similar program in the BSA’s 100th anniversary celebration, the 2010 National Hall of Leadership. Accordingly, this recognition is an opportunity to highlight lodge development over the last century and the many individuals, both youth and adult, who were instrumental to this success. These honorees will serve as exemplars of leadership, modeling to others a commitment to cheerful service as the Order of the Arrow enters its second century.

Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge 23 is proud to honor the following recipients with the Centurion Award. These individuals have held unique roles within our lodge’s history and have inspired many others along the way. Their service to Scouting and the Order of the Arrow continues to serve as an example to their brothers.

Stephen P. Cantrell 
Kevin J. Walsh
Danny L. “Dan” Wilcoxen
Michael T. Gray
Jeff Vallosio
Steve Rhodes
Matthew H. Sorensen 
Michael A. Stobaugh

The Founder’s Award is bestowed once a year to TWO individuals (one youth, one adult). These individuals are recommended by lodge members. There are no specific requirements for being nominated to receive this award. The Lodge Recognition Chairman will select a committee of members at the Fall Conclave to select recipients based off the recommendations made. The award is then presented at the Winter Banquet

When recommending lodge members, please choose those who have a history of living the ideals of the Order of the Arrow in their everyday life, have been and are currently active in the lodge, and whom you reasonably expect to remain active with the Lodge, so as to serve as shining examples of cheerful service and dedication to Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.

Founder’s Award – Fill out online nomination here

Tim Trantham 2023
David Stevenart
Jeffrey Greene 2022
Joe Mathews
Joey Twardowski 2021
Jon Pritts
Conner Husted 2020
Doug Schwalm
Terry Hendriex 2019
Trudy Coleman
Chase Carter 2018
Scott Fishel
Michelle Dalton 2017
Hayden Golemon
Paul Oelkers 2016
Mark Smith
Matthew Nagle 2015
Philip Hamm
James Howard 2014
Nicholas Raupp
Craig Wallace 2013
Justin Lane
Matthew Garrison 2012
Catharine Lane
Michael Gray 2011
Robert Kauffman 2010
Leslie Daniels
Wilbur Williamson 2009
Daniel Knapp
Matt West 2008
Steve Cantrell
Alex Fishel 2007
John Lindahl
Tim Freed 2006
Luann Noll
David Rosenberg 2005
Dan Wilcoxen
David Lane 2004
W. David Voice
Will Etheridge 2003
William Dunn
Kris Villiger 2002
Ken Villiger
J.R. Glenn 2001
Len Mueller
Kirk Kittell 2000
Russ Murray
Thomas Jakowski 1999
Richard Daughty, Sr
Clint W. Sabin 1998
Melvin Lauterbach 1997
Anthony Marzano 1996
Michael Molohon
Michael Stobaugh 1995
Michael Bokenewicz 1994
Ron Redenius
Joseph E. Leibold 1993
James Wojda 1992
James Stuttle
Jamie Ellis 1991
Don Butcher
Henry Sinclair 1990

James E. West Fellowship Recipients

Zach Garman 2006
Tim Freed 2005
Dan Roger 2004

The Wenasa Quenhotan Lodge Service Award is given once a year to one individual who has served  on the Lodge Executive Committee, and has been an outstanding member by going above and beyond in their duties in the lodge. Please consider those who have lived up to the ideals of the Order of the Arrow in their daily lives and have and will remain active in the lodge.

The Lodge Recognition Chairman will select a committee of members to select a recipient based off of the recommendations submitted. The award will then be presented at the Winter Banquet.


Ben Ragon 2023
Ellen Hall 2022
Joe Mathews 2021
Joey Twardowski 2020
Owen Jones 2019
Terry Hendriex, James Howard 2018
Chase Carter 2017
Jacob Baker 2016
Ian M. Campbell 2015
Mike R. Rosenberg 2014
Stephen R. Hamm 2013
Stephen P. Cantrell 2012
Alex N.D. Beck 2011
Michael T. Gray 2010
Trudy C. Coleman 2009
Matthew L. Wright 2008
Mark L. Smith 2007