Contact your Chapter Chief or email for information on election scheduling.

All elections must be completed and adult recommendations submitted by May 13, 2024

Who is Eligible for Selection?
A scout who carries a current national membership card and participates in at least some unit activities during the year is considered to be a registered active member of the unit. The Unit Leader must approve those who he or she believes is eligible based on attitude and participation. The youth must also hold the First Class rank and have experienced at least 15 days and nights of camping during the prior two-year period to the election. No more than one long-term camp consisting of six consecutive days and five nights can be considered. The Unit Leader is expected to provide a list of eligible candidates to the Elections Team. 

Who Can Vote?
Every registered active member of the unit under the age of 21 at the time of the election is eligible to vote. Both OA members and non members may cast a vote. A voter may list of his ballot any combination of names who he believes are worthy to become members of the Order of the Arrow. To be elected a candidate must receive votes from at least 50% of those who turn in ballots. 

Can Adult Leaders be Elected?
Yes, however the procedures for nomination are different than those of the youth. An adult member must meet the same camping requirements but is nominated by the Unit Leader (or by the Unit Committee in the case of the Unit Leader being nominated). For an adult leader to be nominated at least one youth must be elected and the number of adults nominated must be no more than 2/3 of the number of youth elected. For example, if one, two or three youth are elected, two adults may be nominated. If four, five or six are elected, four adults may be nominated. This continues with one adult nomination possible for each three youth elected (rounded up to the next multiple of three). 

Adult Recommendation Form   Unit Election Video