Nimat Mentorship Program

Do you feel like you’ve got a good understanding of our Lodge and its functions? If so, the Nimat Mentorship Program is just for you, whether you’re a youth or adult! It is... READ MORE

Artist In Residence Program

The Wenasa Quenhotan Artist in Residence is an exciting opportunity for any artist to design patches for the lodge. Finished designs will be an excellent addition to the artist’s portfolio. This important job entails... READ MORE

Submit Vigil Recommendations

All Arrowmen who are eligible for the Vigil Honor will be considered by a committee of youth members at the Spring Fellowship of our lodge. You may also submit a recommendation for an... READ MORE

Do Ceremonies, Earn Patches!

Have you ever thought about being part of the lodge ceremonies team? Well, now is an amazing time to get involved! Starting at Spring Fellowship 2022 the lodge is introducing a new Ceremony... READ MORE