Elangomats (ee-lang-oh-matts) are responsible for guiding Ordeal Candidates through their Ordeal experience. This can be a very rewarding experience, since you get to act as a mentor to a small clan of candidates. Elangomats will be responsible for directing their clan of Ordeal Candidates through each step of the Ordeal experience, and will wear a neon safety vest so the Ordeal candidates can locate them easily.

The main responsibilities of the Elangomat can be summed up:

  • Individual attention – Pre-Ordeal identification and continuous monitoring.
  • Safety – Knows where each individual is located throughout the Ordeal.
  • Inspirational atmosphere – Sets Positive, conscientious example throughout Ordeal by following the Four Tests alongside the candidates.
  • Strong Friendship for life – Experience sharing bonds friends. Maintain contact with clan after the Ordeal is over.
  • Facilitates attainment of Brotherhood – Mentors during post-Ordeal period, and provides information about the Order. This leading and coaxing also tends to increase membership retention

If you are interested in serving as an Elangomat, please use the “Contact Us” tab, Inductions Chairman.